Why Poland?

Poland is one of the most attractive locations for foreign investments. International reports underline Poland’s economic and political stability, educated and competent human resources and large domestic market. In times of global economic crisis, Poland has strengthened its position, not only in the region of Central and Eastern Europe but in the continent as a whole. Foreign investors locate their capital in Poland finding shelter in these challenging times. Tourists, in turn, are enchanted by Polish hospitality and friendliness, Poland’s cultural heritage and the country’s natural landscape.

Poland’s 38-million strong consumer market is one of the biggest in Europe. The country’s favorable location, in the center of Europe where the main communication routes intersect, makes it possible to export goods to all European countries and thus reach over 500 million consumers. Poland’s major trade partners are, among others, Germany, Russia, China, France, the UK, Italy, Hungary, Ukraine and Spain.

Well-educated Polish economists, engineers, IT specialists and scientists are highly sought-after and find employment in IT companies, R&D centers and scientific institutes. Every year the number of graduates of Polish universities increases bringing personnel for high-tech industry.

The country’s sustainable development has much to do with the its solid economic foundations. The global economic crisis has not harmed Poland to the extent seen elsewhere. While other countries went through recession Poland has continued to develop. More importantly assessment of the investment climate for foreign entrepreneurs is still getting better. All these factors alongside country’s international safety and stability guaranteed by Poland’s membership in NATO and the EU make Poland a credible and important business partner for foreign investors. There are challenges to be faced by the country in the foreseeable future and these rise from potential adoption of the single European currency and meeting necessary euro zone criteria.

Still, World’s biggest companies choose Poland as an investment destination in Europe. This comes as no surprise as according to “Bloomberg Rankings 2013” Poland is the best CEE country for business. “FDI Intelligence Report“ awarded Poland with 3rd place ranking worldwide, behind China and the USA, as the best location for manufacturing projects. According to “European attractiveness survey” by Ernst & Young, Poland will be second (after Germany) most attractive country for investments in Europe in next years. The report emphasized Poland’s very stable macroeconomic situation noting again that it was the only country in the EU to avoid recession in 2009. Availability of well qualified employees, business friendly climate and transparent tax and legal systems are main factors mentioned by E&Y experts. And the business climate in Poland is still unwinding. A World Bank’s “Doing Business 2013” report confirms that Poland was the global top improver in previous years. It enhanced the quality of business operations through institutional and regulatory reforms, making it easier to register property, pay taxes, enforce contracts and take care of insolvency.


Above text is based on information found on Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency website.

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